Chiropractic and Kids in Orlando FL

Chiropractic And Kids in Orlando FL

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Help your kiddos get a solid foundation in Orlando FL!

"In young children, the brain is highly adaptable. In fact, when one part of a young child's brain is injured, another part often can learn to take over some of the lost function. But as we age, the brain has to work harder to make new neural pathways, making it harder to master new tasks or change set behavior patterns."

This is why it's sooo important to create a strong neurological foundation and healthy patterns as young as possible!!!

This time period can completely change the trajectory of their health potential.

Total brain volume increases 101% in the first year, and 15% increase in the second year Cerebellum volume increases 240% in the first year The brain reaches 80-90% of adult volume by age two (Pfeffer-baum), especially gray matter

And by age 6, all of the motor and sensory functions that we use as adults have been fully developed

Why does all of this matter in Orlando FL?

If there is nervous system interference as a newborn or toddler, those interferences don't just go away. They compensate over time, and manifest into other issues because the neurological foundation has been set.

It's why as we age, we feel that symptoms have "appeared out of nowhere," when in fact, they have been manifesting for years and years.

So how do we check for nervous system interference in a kiddo??

We safely can identify areas of nervous system interference by using the CLA INSiGHT Scanner, which uses advanced thermography and electromyography technology. This technology provides invaluable information on how spinal stress can trigger deeper health issues. Having this information allows us to provide the best possible care for the whole family!

If there is nervous system interference, then what??

Chiropractic care and network spinal works directly with the nervous system, assisting the body to get in a calm, parasympathetic state (rest and digest). In order to have healthier nervous system regulation, the body has to be in a parasympathetic dominant state.

A calmer nervous system= healthier kids on a physical & emotional level


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