How Network Spinal & Chiropractic Take You From Fight-Or-Flight To FLOW In Orlando FL

How Network Spinal & Chiropractic Take You From Fight-Or-Flight To FLOW In Orlando FL

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A note from Dr. Scherina

I celebrate each and every time the body moves, no matter how subtle on the table because this means tension has dropped, moved, or shifted allowing the body to freely flow into a parasympathetic state.

Types Of Stress In Orlando FL

Tension and stress that we feel - physical stress, chemical stress, and emotional stress are really bound tension and energy that the body stores. When this happens over time (chronic fight or flight state) the body isn't able to move, you feel blocked, and you're not even breathing freely. Your body shouldn't feel rock hard when there is no stress around you, yet we talk about how "I just hold my tension in my shoulders and neck" like it's normal. Or "I have constant tightness in my lower back area and can't work out like I used to". So you move into protection mode and lock up. Or "I don't think I can do that because of my anxiety".

As I'm present with you on the table, each #networkspinal contact is like a gentle reminder to your body (specifically your nervous system) that you are safe, you can allow yourself to feel and you can let go, even if for just a moment. That's when you FEEL flow, and that's when I see it. And it's magical. It may feel like 'work' at first, but mostly it feels freeing, you feel open, you feel vulnerable yet safe, and you feel a sense of trust and connection with yourself and your body that you may not have felt for a long time or ever. Imagine feeling that every day for the rest of your life.

Live In FLOW

Every person has the potential to live in this flow state, to experience life fully aware of their traumas, and to embrace the life in front of them as they develop brand new patterns. To make decisions, embrace their authentic selves, to show up in relationships as their truest self and not in protection or fear mode. To fully FEEL all emotions. This isn't to say you won't ever feel stress again, because that's life, but tackling stress while fully trusting yourself and your reactions allows you to stay fully present and empowered through this process of life.


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