Is Your Baby Favoring One Side? Find Out Why In Orlando FL

Is your baby favoring one side? Find out why and how chiropractic care and network spinal can help In Orlando FL

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Does your baby tend to only want to nurse on one side? Or have you noticed that the baby's head is always turned to the same side in the car seat? Both of these signs are something that we look for at our Orlando FL chiropractic clinic when analyzing a baby's alignment.

How Can A Baby's Alignment Affect Their Health In Orlando FL?

It is extremely important to have a newborn's spine and nervous system checked as early as possible. The birthing process, especially when there is birth trauma, can often lead to nervous system interference. When a baby seems to be "stuck" in certain positions, is only comfortably nursing on one side, or experiencing symptoms like sleeping issues, colic, or constipation, the nervous system may be under excess stress.

Is It Safe For My Baby?

A big question that we get is if it is safe for a baby to receive an adjustment... and it definitely is!!! A baby's adjustment is very different than an adjustment that an adult receives. There is no "cracking" or "popping" when adjusting a baby, but gentle pressures or easy stretches/movements that are extremely safe!

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