Kids and Emotional Imbalance and How Chiropractic Helps In Orlando FL

Kids and Emotional Imbalance and How Chiropractic Helps In Orlando FL

Chiropracitc Orlando FL Emotional Imbalance Kids

Why Is This Important In Orlando FL?

The amygdala (you have one on each side of the brain) is the part of the brain involved with the experience of emotions. It also activates the fight-or-flight response to help you to react quickly when the brain senses danger. Fight-or-flight is commonly triggered by emotions such as fear, stress/anxiety, anger, and aggression.

When a kiddo's amygdala is constantly hit with fight-or-flight stressors, it becomes sensitized. This is a problem because overstimulation of the amygdala is clinically associated with fear, anxiety, and emotional/behavioral disorders.

Emotional imbalances are commonly seen with amygdala overstimulation.

Emotional imbalances can look like:

  • Frequent outbursts
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Aggression
  • Impulsiveness

This is why we are so passionate about assessing every kiddo's nervous system at our Orlando FL chiropractic clinic. If there is a nervous system interference, it's going promote a fight-or-flight (sympathetic) state. When a child is chronically stuck in a fight-or-flight state, emotional imbalances are more likely to occur.

How Do We See If Your Kiddo Has A Stressed-Out Nervous System?

We safely can identify areas of nervous system interference by using the CLA INSiGHT Scanner, which uses advanced thermography and electromyography technology. This technology provides invaluable information on how spinal stress can trigger deeper health issues and puts a kiddo's nervous system in a chronically stressed-out state. Having this information allows us to provide the best possible care for the whole family!

Chiropractic care and network spinal works directly with the nervous system. It assists the body in moving from a sympathetic (fight-or-flight) state to a parasympathetic state (rest and digest).

A calmer, parasympathetic nervous system= an increase in healthier, balanced emotions.

At IWC, we focus our care on the nervous system in a safe and effective way. We're here to help!


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