Massage Therapy in Orlando

Touch is incredibly healing, and it is my passion to serve others through this sacred practice. Massage therapy is so very complex. It is a form of communication between therapist and the body. It has the ability to unblock stagnation and congestion within the body-physically and energetically. It is an art form! It is MEDICINE!

I like to focus table work on opening up the anterior body (front side). We tend to hunch over, look down, sit often and round our shoulders which tightens up the anterior muscles and fascia. Which can then manifest as poor posture, crooked gait (the way we hold our bodies while walking) and/or pain. This front body tightness also contributes to stagnant energy flow, improper breathing and affects our ability to receive! See how you could benefit from massage therapy in Orlando!

Massage Therapy in Orlando FL

Massage Therapy in Orlando

When we eliminate outside distraction and tune into the body, we activate the parasympathetic nervous system (rest,digest). This is where the body is able to process, digest, heal and replenish. Give yourself this time to heal. Do not wait for illness to start valuing wellness!

I'd say that I have a very myofascial approach to the work I do- I move very slowly with listening hands and an open heart. I like to incorporate light Thai stretching and cupping therapy into my sessions when necessary as well.

I am devoted to remain grounded and present with each of my clients to discover where constriction May exist. I find the power of touch deeply humbling and I am grateful to be a part of this enlightening journey.


  • 15 minutes - $30
  • 30 minutes - $55
  • 60 minutes - $85
  • 90 minutes - $125


  • Prenatal Massage (60 minute or 90 minute) Pricing same as above.
  • Cupping - $5 add on to any massage
  • Reiki - $10 add on to any massage



Touch Is Therapy!

Have you ever heard of thai massage? It is a safe and gentle modality referred to as "thai yoga massage." It offers gentle stretches, rocking, compressions and rhythmic movement done on the floor! These movements help to release stagnation, get blood moving and soften the tissue surrounding the joints. Afterall, our issues are stored in our tissues! This practice will help release what no longer serves us and open up space to help restore our bodies.

This work is especially important when working with mama's during the post-birth process. Thai massage is a wonderful and profound way to nourish the changing body. The ultimate healing takes place when women gather together to replenish and strengthen our physical and emotional bodies.

Come book a 60/90 minute thai session with Brittany!


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