Correlation Between a Parent’s Nervous System State and Their Children’s Behavior In Orlando FL

Nervous System State of a Parent and Their Children's Behavior In Orlando FL

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"Recent developmental evolutionary models suggest that variability in stress response reactivity to parenting, reflected by autonomic nervous system (ANS) functioning, may affect the impact of adverse parenting on youth behavioral adjustment."

- (Biological Psychology)

The purpose of the study above was to see the correlation between a parent's nervous system being in a stress state and aggression/behavioral issues in kiddos.

What this study found was that parents that were in a predominantly sympathetic, fight or flight state, also had children with a similar pattern which can increase behavioral issues and aggression.

This is why we encourage families to receive care together at Integrate Wellness Center in Orlando FL.

Parent's Nervous System State and Child's Behavior in Orlando FL

Parenting while in a fight-or-flight state is EXHAUSTING & OVERWHELMING

We know parenting can be tough, and we all get stressed..But when your nervous system is stuck in a fight-or-flight state, symptoms like these happen way more often than you would like:

  • Easily overwhelmed and anxious
  • Easily triggered by things like noises or messes
  • Difficult to give kids present, quality time
  • Overly fearful about health and injury of kids
  • Quick to yell and overreact

When the nervous system is stuck in a stressed out, fight-or-flight state, it makes it extremely difficult to parent in a conscious and calm way. And not only does it affect your own temperament and stress level, your kiddos feed off of that energy as well.

How do we assess the nervous system at IWC?

We safely can identify areas of nervous system interference by using the CLA INSiGHT Scanner, which uses advanced thermography and electromyography technology. This technology provides invaluable information on how spinal stress can trigger deeper health issues, like excess stress and anxiety.

At IWC, we focus our care around the nervous system in a safe and effective way. We're here to help! DM or call us to schedule an appointment for your family or to ask any questions that you may have!!!


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