Network Spinal In Orlando

Network Spinal In Orlando

Chiropractic Orlando FL Network Spinal

Network Spinal in Orlando is a very gentle approach to the spine. Each contact works to transform patterns within the nervous system so that healing occurs from the inside out.

The reorganization that happens within the body addresses Spinal misalignments, physical stressors, chemical stressors and emotional stressors as well as life factors all while complementing each practice member's

INNATE intelligence which gives their body the ability to naturally self-heal.


It is a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival. It's your stress response system within your autonomic nervous system. Meaning - it happens automatically EVERY TIME your body experiences stress.

Another interesting fact:

Whether that is a physical, chemical or emotional stress your body will respond. To put it in perspective, whether the body experiences a car or sports accident (physical), or sleeping in a house with mold in the walls for years (chemical), or experiencing the loss of a loved one (emotional) - the body does NOT differentiate between different stressors. It will respond the same way by activating your fight or flight system!

How does such a gentle touch create such a profound change in the body?

Chiropractic Orlando FL Network SpinalYour body is an incredible sensory/motor, emotional/motor mainframe with a nervous system threaded through every cell, starting up in our High Brain, which makes the high brain the boss.

We are working directly with your nervous system. The dorsal horn of your spinal cord has a tremendous amount of neuropeptide receptors that modulate and activate emotion from a spinal cord level. THIS is why there can be an emotional release and WHY chiropractic and Network Spinal works with ALL stressors - physical, chemical and emotional!

By applying modulated forces in specific places in a specific sequence, it lights up the brain to pay attention to whats happening in the body and the system begins to unwind tension from inside out organically.

The spine is the fuse box between your high brain and your body, so the contact points we learn to address are either on the spine or very close to the spine. you have the most amount of receptors in these particular points of your spine.

Your body truly is self-organizing and self healing, it just needs a gentle nudge in the right direction, nature does the rest.


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