Kid Emotional Regulation And Chiropractic Care In Orlando

Kid Emotional Regulation
And Chiropractic Care In Orlando

Chiropractic Care for Children Emotional Regulation in Orlando FL

Parents are commonly overwhelmed when their child is having trouble regulating their emotions. If you have children, you will most likely experience this at some point as your child is learning more about the world around them. But if you are feeling that your child is have more difficulties than other children with navigating their feelings and reactions, nervous system interference could be the culprit.

How does the nervous system effect emotions?

How your child takes in information and processes that information is dependent on the communication between the brain and the body. If the nervous system isn’t functioning properly, it makes it difficult for a child (or adult) to adapt and respond properly to their environment. Between new emotional stressors brought on from 2020, physical stressors, and chemical stressors, it is very common for children to be stuck in a constant sympathetic, stressful state (1). Any interference or trauma to the nervous system will greatly affect the body’s ability to properly manage emotions and stress. The body can’t properly regulate while in this state.

Children that are stuck in a sympathetic dominant state may be more likely to:

  • Have emotional or anger outbursts
  • Be easily agitated
  • Have a decreased attention span
  • Have increased fidgeting
  • Have difficulty sleeping (2)
  • Emotionally shutdown and retreat a situation easily

How can chiropractic care and network spinal care in Orlando FL help?

At Integrate Wellness Center, we structure our chiropractic care and network spinal care to address the parasympathetic nervous system to help keep the body in a pattern of healing and balance. By helping a child achieve this new pattern and find a healthier parasympathetic/sympathetic balance, symptoms of emotional imbalance and stress can greatly decrease or diminish completely.

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar? Message us at Integrate Wellness Center in Orlando to ask any question or to schedule a consultation! We’re here for you and your family!


  1. Won, Eunsoo, and Yong-Ku Kim. “Stress, the Autonomic Nervous System, and the Immune-kynurenine Pathway in the Etiology of Depression.” Current neuropharmacology vol. 14,7 (2016): 665-73. doi:10.2174/1570159x14666151208113006
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