Nervous System Healing In Orlando FL

Nervous System Healing In Orlando FL

Chiropractor Orlando FL Scherina Alli Nervous System Healing

There's no better time to have the family's nervous system checked at our Orlando FL chiropractic clinic!⁣

Our bodies are so intelligent and self-healing. We are designed to heal and thrive, but so often we interfere with that ability:⁣

  • through physical disruptions (a fall, birth trauma, etc)⁣
  • emotional trauma (a stressful job, toxic relationships, traumatic experiences, etc),
  • and/or toxins (mold in the home, around toxic products, etc)⁣

All 3 of these interferences will throw the body into a sympathetic, fight-or-flight state. The body needs to be able to go into a fight-or-flight state to survive, but it's not designed to stay there for long periods of time.⁣

About Our Care In Orlando FL

Our care at IWC is designed to remove nervous system interference. When you can remove interference, the nervous system can heal and function more optimally. This calmer state is called a parasympathetic state. In a parasympathetic state, the body can increase it's ability to self-regulate which promotes more healing.

Subtract Interference ➡️ Increase Healing

Nervous System Interference

So how can a nervous system interference be detected?
⁣We safely can identify areas of nervous system interference by using the CLA INSiGHT Scanner, which uses advanced thermography and electromyography technology. This technology provides invaluable information on how spinal stress can trigger deeper health issues. Having this information allows us to provide the best possible care for the whole family!

Call or DM us if you have any questions or would like to schedule a scan for your family!♥️


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