Sensory Overload and How Chiropractic Helps!

Sensory Overload and how Chiropractic helps!

Chiropractic Orlando FL Sensory Overload

The cerebellum (aka the little brain) is located at the base of the skull, where the spinal cord meets the brain. The body's hundreds of thousands of receptors for vision, motion, & positioning constantly send info to the brain, where the cerebellum condenses it and filters or "gates" it on its way to the brain's cortex. The cortex then decides what the cerebellum will tell the body to do about the information.

- The Functional Neurology Center

Sensory Overload in Orlando FL

When the cerebellum isn't functioning properly, it is unable to filter the information properly to the cortex. This leads to a sensory overload.

Symptoms of this can be:

  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Digestive issues
  • Insomnia
  • Light sensitivity
  • Increased emotional response
  • Wide-based walking
  • Decreased coordination
  • Weak muscles

How does chiropractic & network spinal care impact this?

The regulation of our emotions and attention are greatly impacted if the hemispheres are out of balance or not "speaking to each other appropriately." For example, children that have ADHD tendencies (sensory overload) are typically left hemisphere dominant

The goal of an adjustment is to balance the two hemispheres to try to normalize sensory input & emotional regulation. We are trying to get the left side of the brain & the right side of the brain in sync.

In research conducted by Dr. Heidi Haavic, an EEG was used during a chiropractic adjustment. What the EEG studies showed was incredible. Both hemispheres of the brain lit up simultaneously with an instantaneous 20% increase in brain activity! And not only just an increase in activity, a SYMMETRICAL increase in brain activity! This finding is extremely significant because if a child has a dominant hemisphere, after they receive an adjustment their left and right brain hemispheres are SYNCING! The hemispheres are balancing with each adjustment, which leads to healthier emotional regulation and better overall health & well-being!

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