Chiropractic, Network Spinal and the VAGUS Nerve!

Chiropractic, Network Spinal and the V A G U S Nerve!

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Ready to get nerdy? Our Orlando Chiropractor has a lot of knowledge on chiropractic, network spinal, and the vagus nerve.

The Vagus Nerve in Orlando FL

"The central nervous system interacts dynamically with the immune system to modulate inflammation through humoral and neural pathways…The vagus nerve has been proposed to play a crucial role in the regulation of the immune response. Recent evidence suggests that the vagal innervation of the gastrointestinal tract also plays a major role controlling intestinal immune activation."- Gut Journal

Whewww…okay, we know that was a lot of sciency-talk (which we love), but let's break down what this means exactly, & why it's so EXCITING!

This study is stating that stimulation to the vagus nerve improves the response of the immune system, greatly impacting the health of the gut/digestive tract. The study goes on to say that vagus nerve stimulation "potently reduces intestinal inflammation, restoring intestinal homeostasis." So by innervating the vagus nerve, you can essentially create more balance with your gut and digestive health!

But let's walk through what the vagus nerve is:

The vagus nerve is the body's superhighway, carrying information between the brain & the internal organs, and controlling the body's response in times of rest & relaxation (parasympathetic state). The vagus nerve is the longest nerve in the body and sends messages from the brain to the organs that it controls, such as the heart, lungs, esophagus, digestive tract, & reproductive organs. It regulates important functions like heart rate, blood pressure, & the digestive system.

How can we help with nervous system regulation?

Chiropractic care & network spinal works directly with the nervous system, assisting the body to get in a parasympathetic state (rest and digest). In order to have healthier vagus nerve regulation, the body has to be in a parasympathetic dominant state. Everyday stressors (physical, mental, and chemical) can lead the body to be in a sympathetic (fight or flight) dominant state.

At IWC, we focus our care around the nervous system in a safe and effective way. DM or call us to schedule an appointment or ask any questions that you may have!!!


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